Questions About Democracy You’re Not Supposed to Ask

The Muslim Skeptic

Question you’re not supposed to ask: What is it about democracy that guarantees or is even conducive to just governance?

This is an important question because people throw around claims and accusations of someone or some regime being “democratic” or “un-democratic” as if these terms have some clear meaning we are all supposed to recognize. (Just look at all the Turkey coup bickering.) And I know that all Educated People know that democracy = good, non-democracy = bad and only sophomoric imbeciles and unserious simpletons would question that.

But logically, I never saw the connection between the notion of justice and the giving of people an opportunity to choose. If people are to choose justly, wouldn’t we have to assume that people know what is or is not justice? We would also have to assume that, given that knowledge, these people would vote according to justice as opposed to self-interest…

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